Hi! My name is Melissa Kauffold and I’m the owner of MelJoy Creations.

My Jewelry

It’s pretty simple, really.  I create jewelry for women that:
~ Want choices in size, color and design.
~ Are tired of mass produced pieces and “one size fits all”.
~ Desire jewelry that is adjustable, versatile and can be worn for both special days and every day.
~ Want gift-giving options that are extraordinary, meaningful and can be worn for years to come.

Not too much to ask, right?  I didn’t think so either. 

If any or all of these sound like you,  then you’re in the right place!

Over the years I’ve developed a variety of designs that can be completely customized.  I use high quality crystals, pearls, beads and metals. Each piece is made to order and carefully handcrafted by me in my Michigan, USA, based studio.

My Mission

I am a dedicated artisan and it is my mission to provide unique high quality jewelry and a fast, professional service.

I want to do everything I can to make it a perfect shopping experience for you!

About Me

Life has taken me on so many paths before I became a jewelry maker.  When I was young, I loved creating everything from outfits for my dolls to dance routines I could perform at family gatherings.  All my life, I’ve had a passion for various art forms, especially dance. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance in 1997, but after developing a serious illness, I spent almost 2 years in rehabilitation and was told I’d never dance again.

During my recovery, I felt lost and had no idea what my future looked like.  I also desperately craved a new creative outlet. That’s when I started attending a jewelry making group my mother and aunts had started years before.

After my very first lesson, I could feel my mindset begin to change.  I loved working with the beads and crystals and the design possibilities felt limitless.  Not only did I discover a new passion for creating jewelry, but the support I received from this little group of women completely changed my outlook on life and helped me realize the inner strength that we as females have within us, regardless of the challenges life throws at us.  I want my jewelry to celebrate that female strength and connection.

“The crystals and beads I weave together symbolize the tightly woven bond we share with the women and girls in our lives.  I think all females carry an unbreakable strength within them, but it still can be communicated in a soft, classic and feminine way.  We really can be both powerful and girlish at the same time. At that’s really where my inspiration comes from each and every time I create a piece of jewelry.”

~Melissa Kauffold

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